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Total Healthcare PHO cares for its community

Total Healthcare Charitable Trust is an Auckland primary health organisation (PHO) that contracts the delivery of health services to more than 220,000 patients in Counties Manukau, Auckland and Waitemata district health board areas.

It serves nearly 80,000 Pacific patients, including 54,700 in the Counties Manukau area making it the largest primary health provider to Pacific in South Auckland.

A high proportion of our patients are high needs, which means we understand how to deliver high-quality, convenient and affordable services 24/7 to people from a range of different backgrounds and circumstances.

As well as receiving regular medical care, when you enrol with one of our clinics, you are also able to access additional services that are free or at reduced cost (where you are eligible).

Call one of our clinics today to see what we can offer you and your family.

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Latest News

Annual report released

Read the Total Healthcare Annual Report

Improving the health and wellbeing of our multicultural, high-needs patients is our number one priority and our annual report sets out our progress.

Our values of improving equity and wellness in our communities won’t be met unless we address the psychological and social aspects of health ‒ not just the physical.

We encourage you to find out more in our Total Healthcare Annual Report July 2017‒June 2018.

Video project

Health coaching changes lives

Total Healthcare has produced a video to showcase patient stories about their experiences with the health coaching and self-management courses we contribute funding to.

Asking patients to create their own stepping stones to improve their health and using everyday language, not medical jargon, is a winning recipe.

It’s proving a game changer in helping people to better manage their health, including diabetes and mental wellness.

The trained health coaches are peers who are multicultural and share similar languages and cultures to the people they help.

Total Healthcare’s use of peer health coaches to help diabetics is a New Zealand first.