Clinical Family Navigators (CFN)

Our clinical family navigators (CFNs) are health professionals with a wide range of skills who assist with the health and social needs for people with chronic conditions who are living at home.

The CFN team improves health literacy and health and wellbeing outcomes for families. Their work is carried out in a variety of settings from festivals and community events, to  working within the home with patient and whanau, with transport to clinics laboratories or hospital appointments.

Services include:

  • Home visits
  • Translation or other assistance with communication
  • Counselling
  • Clinical delivery.

Home visits

CFNs support you and check up on the rest of your whanau and your living conditions to see if heating and food is adequate for good health, and see if you family‚Äôs vaccinations are up to date.

Translation services

CFNs help not only with the translation into or from the English language, but with the translation of medical speak and jargon to plain English that you can better understand.


Most of the tasks CFNs do will  involve counselling in one form or another, but some of the team are specialised in areas such as mental health, respiratory conditions, and other long term conditions.

Clinical delivery

CFNs support our clinics with the ability to reassure patients about medications, immunisations, blood testing and diagnostics. Some CFNs can deliver these services, where qualified to do so, when they are required.

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