The power of social media

Like, Love, laugh - social media iconsNearly 64,000 people have read about Total Healthcare’s provider Tāmaki Health’s new FlexiHubs on its new Facebook page, highlighting the fast cut-through of social media in health promotion.

The new page is being followed regularly by nearly 2,500 Facebookers and the FlexiHub post alone has been shared 89 times.

See page here.

The post also generated a flood of comments offering gratitude and support to Local Doctors’ frontline staff. 

“Love to all our Frontline Staff and helpers. Our Heroes, every one!!!,” says one. “Thank you for your fantastic job. Best wishes for your safety and well-being,” says another.

It’s a great reminder of the support we have from the community. This is what we are trying to achieve on social media; we want to connect with our patients and our people and share important health information.

Total Healthcare launched the Facebook page for Local Doctors in early April and will be launching a Facebook page for White Cross shortly.